Service Portfolio

Talent Assessment and Selection

We design and/or review

competency models as a tool for alignment, adjustment and organizational development.

We encourage conducting organizational assessments

to determine the status of the macro HR function with a view to formulating recommendations with regard to employee selection, induction, compensation and retention, talent development and performance alignment processes, together with your organization’s management.

We provide assessment processes

and individual or team feedback.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary surveys and competitiveness studies set up with OPESLA methodology, database and technology for our corporate clients.
  • Development and implementation of compensation policies.
  • Labor cost surveys and labor productivity analyses.
  • Job design and evaluation.
  • Incentives programs for professional and executives.
  • Analysis and introduction of incentives for sales forces.
  • Strategic compensation packages for high performance individuals.

Leadership Development

We provide support in designing and implementing different leadership development programs that include:

• Succession career plans at the executive level.
• Performance and development management.
• Team and individual training in virtual and face-to-face environments in:

•Personal effectiveness.
•Personal leadership.
•Performance and skills development coaching.
•Time management.
•Teamwork and working individually.
•Effective presentations.
•Change management.
•Ethics and values.
•Diversity and inclusiveness.
•Leadership in action.
•Communication inside the organization.
•Customer service.

•Individual and team coaching: We provide an executive coaching service so that your leaders develop their management, relationship and results-orientation competencies more effectively.

•Mentoring programs.
•Blended learning (customized).
•Leadership development.

Collaborator Engagement

Organizational Climate Management:

We gage the organizational climate to support achievement of strategic goals, since a team that is motivated and is comfortable with what it is doing performs better and gets better results. We accompany the process with a five-step methodology: Measurement and analysis, communication of results, compiling suggestions for designing action plans, implementation, and monitoring.

Career Plans:

Process of describing the experience and requirements for moving from one position to another within the organization, taking account of the average time a collaborator must remain in each position or at each level in order to acquire the necessary maturity and add value in his or her role. Guidance in designing individual career plans.

Leader and collaborator development plan portals:

We have an integrated talent development management platform with the following modules: Recruitment and Selection, Individual Development, Career Planning, Succession Management, and Team Development. 

Change Management

We provide tools and solutions that facilitate the planning; implementation and reinforcement of change while maintaining productivity and avoiding costly errors and rework.

  • Training managers and employees in change methodology.
  • Process design (techniques and tools)
  • Behavioral change models.
  • Productivity and resilience models during the switchover.
  • Communication plans.
  • Solutions for leaders via portals: switchover guide via our website .

Support fot The Human Resources Professional

  • Best Practices: We share our experience with you.
  • White papers: We investigate and publish the latest trends in Human Resources to keep you up to date with information from experts.
  • Articles: Issues of interest that our OPESLA team develops from different work experiences in the region.
  • Publications: We distribute digital bibliographic material (books, journals, brochures, business reports and other publications) that stimulate and expand the knowledge and update the skills of Latin American Human Resources professionals.

Virtual and Physical Conferences and Forums

  • We organize and put on physical and virtual conferences and forums throughout the region to which we invite leaders in the area of Human Resources and other corporate leaders, media personalities, famous musicians, politicians and other high-level society influencers who share their successful practices, methodology, vision and particular way of seeing and doing things with the audience, always with the focus on developing human talent in different types of organizations.

Development of Human Resources Software and Applications (IOPES)

  • We develop software to control and automate various Human Resources subsystems that optimize corporate management and adapt themselves to the different cultures and legal and regulatory systems in our Latin American region.
  • We develop and distribute applications for smartphones and tablets that support the work of today’s Human Resources professional within the Latin American context in a way that is simple and versatile.