We Are Opesla

The Latin American human resources consulting, technology, and development company. We are here to contribute the future of our region’s most prized raw material:  its human capital. Opes means “resources.” OPESLA promotes the progress of Latin human resources in all their manifestations for the evolution of Latin America.

We are a company that advises corporations and human resources professionals and provides them with technical, educational and managerial support, with the focus on Latin America.

OPESLA, as its name implies –opus from the Latin meaning “resources” and LA indicating our Latin American focus-, is a company that aims to develop highly competitive human resources in our region, providing to that end the most complete knowledge and the latest trends and best practices in human capital management. In addition, we offer the implementation of advanced technology and the designing of processes and programs that promote the planning and implementation of different human resources subsystems, surpassing the expectations of today’s market and catering to its specific dynamics in every corner of our continent.


Latin America is the continent of the future, and its main assets –Latin Americans- are OPESLA’s focus of attention and development, not only in the corporate sphere, but also in the social, economic and political spheres and in education and the arts.

Five Strategic Areas of Services And Products for LATAM

1. Corporate consulting in different areas of human resources. For more information see our consulting services portfolio.

2. Virtual and personalized advice for human resources professionals and executives through e-learning, human resources software and cloud applications useful for different levels of technical expertise in the area.

3. Generation and coordination of live and virtual corporate events that promote the career development of the Latin American human resources professional.

4. Design, distribution and implementation of software to support and facilitate the optimum execution of complex human capital management systems in different areas of specialization and competencies, bearing in mind the cultural, legal and professional norms prevailing in our region, which, incidentally, vary widely.

5. Distribution of digital material in the form of books, journals, newspapers and reports having to do with the different aspects of human resources, as well as the promotion of virtual forums on topics of interest and current human resources issues in the Latin America context.

OPESLA Business and Management Principles

At OPESLA our business and management principles are not only values shared by everyone who is part of our professional executive team, but they constitute in themselves a differentiating factor that greatly enhances our possibilities of competing in the market.

This starts with the trust we put in the people with whom we interact. We also make an effort to earn the trust of our clients and the community by doing what we have promised to do and showing that we always act transparently.

We will always do things by the rules, complying with regulations, and abiding by the law in all areas of our business and in the services we provide, both in-house and outside the company.

Teamwork is not an empty phrase at OPESLA. It is, in fact, an important part of an execution methodology, a means for completing a task fully and with optimum results. Our collaborative work style goes beyond frontiers of both countries and their cultures, of management styles and ways of doing things. We have a way of working together, and that way is teamwork OPESLA-style. It is our secret for success.

We pay a great deal of attention to quality and excellence in everything we do. We constantly demand quality of ourselves, which is why we make every effort to achieve it. We also take special care to ensure that deadlines are met and that our products and services reach our clients when they need them, and not later.

Talent is a major part of OPESLA’s raison d’être. Opes means resources or treasure in Latin, and that is how we conceive of our strategic vision. We have a talented team that we nourish daily with knowledge of new trends and best practices so as to preserve its level of excellence. We are quite clear that talent is our most prized treasure. We also make an effort to develop the human talent of our esteemed Latin America, in the knowledge that, thanks to that talent, we will overcome today’s obstacles and achieve a prosperous future. We always seek out the most talented people, desirous of having them at our side. To them we entrust our projects, leaving them free to create and act, so taking maximum advantage of what they have to offer.


Where are

We Located?

We have offices and centers of expertise for catering to your needs in the main countries of Latin America:

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Uruguay, Central America and the Caribbean. We also have offices in the United States and Canada to be on hand to meet the requirements of our clients in the region from those countries. Our goal in the medium term is to have a presence in every corner of Latin America.